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Loaded the jets.) Well, my wife and I are passionate in our own ways about the care and evolution of what I call the “Community of Humanity.” So I had brought the and she suggested to donate it. I feel that God speaks to me through numbers as well. Here the past few days its been like everyday sometimes 2 or more times a day in various places, clock, phone , internet, stores, signs…just randomly everywhere… My wife and I are both veterans, and I am a disabled veteran from the Liberation of Kuwait in 1991.(Weapons Load Specialist in the United States Air Force. Reply I have been seeing 333 on and off for a number of years. Love & Light -Audra Reply Hello -3 has been with me for most of my life. i have lived in 4 homes with 13 , my daughter was born on the 13/4/91 , also number 4 has been relevant in my life my birthday is 4/ 1/ 71 I have lived in a flat 14 and 44 , my best friend as a child birth date was 1/4/71 lots of synchronised numbers I will tune in self and listen for the messages I am being given , thank you love and light to you and all Reply Wow, blown away by article. Number 3 is all around my life to the point it is getting obvious. I meant to mention this in my original post about 333. Right now, I am on the brink of a life-changing decision. Thank you for your knowledge, and for your article. It tells me I’m in the right place, and to consciously move forward. It is the number for creativity, and I am a full blown artist of most any medium you can think of. When I see 333, I know that I need to be acutely, aware.. I have always been interested in numbers as they seem to be very relevant in my entire life many times. We felt nothing but safe, loved, and a sense of upliftment by and with all of the supporters which included Immigrants and refugees. Does this mean maybe all of my departed loved ones are with me.?! When I was younger, during pivotal moments, I’d add the time, (like or maybe =12=3) then break it down as I did in that last sequence, and sure enough, it would break into a 3. Birth date: 3-3-’83, Almost everyday see am on my clock (waking up, or getting to bed at that exact time). And many others situations were the number 3 is involved. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to deal with this? I recently donated a dollar bill to the food ministries at a rally to protest Trump’s ban on Muslims into this country. My wife and I participated and we were literally blown away at the sheer numbers that turned out. Reply I have been seeing number 48 for some time now I need to understand if one of my Angeles are with me especially the one that was born in 1948.

Great site although not the first on Angel Numbers I’ve seen but I was led to it today by your top ranking organic Google search!! Please can you give me your opinion on what is happening to me. I believe its my MOm, but now sure why or what — just looking out for me and over me?My boyfriend and I have been going out for about three months now.We’ve already had sex and I think we took it way too fast.I see 22 every day all day long also 222…I have a weird theory please leave your comments.. every time I see the number I tell her I love her…. Lately it was everything more about 11, but last night I woke up at , than again at . my “pick up number at mcdonald, sometimes I even look over at the digital clock and will show 339 when it is not that time!I want to know people who see these numbers what is your blood type and where did your Ancestors come from…I believe we are descendants from Gods/aliens Reply Its not that weird of a Theory… I always thought it was exquisitely profound to me only but now I realize the vast beautiful awareness others share Reply Hi Melanie. And just now I saw that I receive an e-mail at last night (the time I woke up) from one of the spiritual teachers I am following about his upcoming event. Thank you for your article and reminder of what the numbers mean. Reply Ok I’m a little different here as I was born in 2-22 and each time I see the 222 series I’ve always felt it was my mom who passed away in 1989 trying to tell me something. It’s given me peace at times and frustration at others when I don’t know what she’s trying to tell me. Reply I work as a recording engineer and throughtout my whole career especially in the 90s when we were using analog machines every time I looked at the counter the time 222, at one point I was worried because I didnt know the significance of it at the time, thank you. driving down road, gas prices, license plates, times of message to return phone calls…..Dating as an institution is a relatively recent phenomenon which has mainly emerged in the last few centuries.


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