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They have respected and loved me, even when the happiness I found didn’t line up with the kind of happiness they wanted for me.

And though other relationships in my family may have been strained, progress has been made. I felt exposed and loved and terrified and grateful.

I love them with everything in me and even though we’ve been through difficult times, I truly believe that they love me too.

Many in my family have always been there for me regardless of my choices in life.

I have spent hours trying to find the right thing to say that might convey to you the depth of my gratitude, and those words just aren’t coming. He’s the friend who can do that, because he is the friend who knows when I just cannot go any further. He was there for me when no one else was…when I thought the people closest to me would have been.

loess, fluvial regimes, coastal dunes, periglacial slope deposits) During his Ph D-thesis at the Leibniz-Institute for Applied Geophysics (LIAG) in Hannover he specialized in luminescence dating, doing both, applied studies in quaternary research and geomorphology and also methodological work in optical dating.

You can use eye tracking in storytelling to: Heat maps are an easy way to visualize how people look at a webpage or interface, which key elements they look at, and what areas attract the most attention.

This data visualization method can communicate the important aspects of visual behavior clearly and powerfully.

The replay or visualization of gaze data is perfect for showing your customer the actual user behavior and describing problematic points.

This data can be used to illustrate a story or express findings in order to help prove a point.


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