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“We have to wonder if people think this is harmless or if people do it intentionally.They may figure they'll shave a few (or more) years off their age to make themselves seem more attractive to grab a person's attention.This page is an attempt by me to organize the vast majority of online dating related statistics and facts available on the Internet.Almost every week there seems to be a new statistic produced that tries to top the last one.Or it can be more severe, like straight-up lying about your age, height, interests or accomplishments.

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Als Ritter Sport im November mit genialem Marketing die Einhorn-Schokolade einführte und diese reihenweise ausverkauft war, erreichte der Hype in Deutschland seinen Höhepunkt.Let us introduce you to ‘kittenfishing’, a term coined by dating app Hinge that’s essentially defined as presenting yourself in an unrealistically positive way.Essentially a light version of ‘catfishing’ – when you pretend to be a totally different person online – kittenfishing can be as simple as using profile photos that are out-of-date or heavily edited.Lively, a video-based social app, recently announced the release of augmented live video chat, while Hinge debuted a feature to add video clips to profiles.Trend Hunter is the world's largest, most popular collection of cutting edge ideas, fueled by 198,000 insatiably curious people.Or they may post a picture when they were thinner, so they can get more attention in the beginning.


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