Validating date in c

If the value is a valid Date Time, the code performs an additional check to ensure that the date supplied is not prior to today's date.Its good practice to validate form date values using client side Java Script validation along with your programming language validation. I would like to validate if the date is realy correct.

By far the easiest solution, and one which will never permit invalid dates, is not to allow users to enter dates manually at all. There are dozens, maybe hundreds, of these available: our friends in US) will see it as 11 December 2008. in that format, tomorrow'sdate would appear as 12/11/2008. in that format,tomorrow's date would appear as 12/11/2008. I would like to validate if the date is realy correct.

This mask can demand that the user enter eight digits, but cannot verify that the user enters month, date, and year values in the correct range; "12/20/2003" and "70/90/0000" are equally valid as far as the mask is concerned.

You can use to verify whether the data entered by the user falls within the correct rangeā€”in the previously mentioned case, by assigning it an instance of the Date Time type.

But, if we have an invalid date (Example: 07/95/2002) the "session" (on Server Manager) stops with error.

But, I want to reject those dates and continue with the loading, but I'm tried with the function IS_DATE and IIF, DECODE etc.


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